Tuesday, August 24, 2010

long. more journal-y than usual. totally random.

I am in such a great mood.  I know I already posted today, but I'm just feeling so good and I don't want it to go undocumented.  It's not that I am NEVER in a good mood or anything like that.  It just seems like I am usually OKAY.  Not ecstatic, not depressed, just pretty stable.  And that's great--I think the last several years of my life (okay make it like eight or ten) I have been way too emotional rollercoaster-y, either really really happy or in the depths of despair.  Being married to Kyle has made me more even-keeled I think--because that is exactly how he is.  Very stable.  I think it's good to have good and bad times, but it's also less exhausting to just be consistent.  Frankly, it's a relief.  (It's one of the things that drew me to Kyle, and the thing that stood out the most about our relationship when we were dating.  Most [all] of my relationships were DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, full of fights and tears and back-and-forths.  With Kyle...I was never sad!  I never had to deal with overemotional shiz. It was SO MUCH BETTER.)

ANYWAYS.  A big part of my good mood is that Velocity is not making me miserable right now.  Other than my size, I don't even feel freakishly pregnant!  Let me tell you, that is RARE.  There is always SOMETHING wrong with me physically due to being pregnant.  Sometimes it's not a huge deal, just discomfort, and sometimes it is absolutely crazy painful. I've convinced myself that the worse I feel, the better she's doing, so it's okay.  But anyways, it's not controlling my life at this moment, and that is making me very happy.  I wonder if I can go a whole day without feeling like crap?  Yesterday was especially crappy, so I'm relieved that today is good.

I have a lot to look forward to today.  (Ok, not by most people's standards probably, but for me and Kyle, we're excited.)  We've started being super strict on our grocery budget this month (and all budgets) and we're doing AWESOME.  We decided that with the leftover money from that budget, we get to go buy anything we want at Costco.  Luxury items! Very exciting.  SO today we're heading to Costco for that fun shopping trip, PLUS we're picking up Mockingjay, which I've already explained is VERY EXCITING.  Because I have so much to look forward to, and I'm feeling so good, I've been really energetic today and gotten a lot done around the house. I even think I am going to bake a cake--it's the one thing I've been craving for weeeeeeks and not indulged in yet.  (Really, I haven't had any cravings, and I don't even think cake counts.  I've just wanted it for a while now. But hey, I'm a month away from having a baby, so I think I've earned it.)

ALSO-- at 8.5 months pregnant, I had only gained like...4 pounds.  Unexpected, but great, because it's not like I was dieting or anything like that.  BUT then I went to California for a week, and when I got back, I had gained FIVE POUNDS.  In ONE WEEK.  I was shocked!  My doctor said it wasn't because I had just eaten like crazy--the heat added to it, and my swollen extremities, and Velocity is just packing on the pounds now apparently.  He thought it was totally fine, and maybe good, because you're supposed to gain weight. Buuuut in the week since I got back, I haven't gained anything, so I think it really is just that Mom gave me more delicious food than I'm used to!  I only have 4 weeks left, so hopefully I won't get super fat in that time.  It'll be great to have the baby and come out of this weighing less than I did before.  I can't believe I'm currently 9 months pregnant.  One more week and she's full-term!  And of course I KNOW she'll be late.  She just will be.  Right now I'm okay with that--we'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks!

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Kyle said...

I don't know, if she's anything like us, she'll be on time.