Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mockingjay mockingjay mockingjay!

No, I haven't read it yet. Yes, I'm dying to.  Kyle and I are going to Costco as soon as he gets home from work and we're buying it.  So far in this trilogy, I read the book as soon as possible and then read it out loud to Kyle on a car trip.  He loves it and it's fun for me to read again--and believe me, it makes the trip go really fast!  (We're too poor for the actual audiobook.)  With this, the THIRD and FINAL installment (oh my gosh oh my gosh), I thought it would be fun to read it WITH him (still reading it out loud to him) before I've read it quickly on my own.  We just finished Supernatural season 5 and can't get Lost season 6 for a few days, so we have nothing else to do anyways :)  It will be torture to not read while he's at work, and reading out loud is definitely slower-going.  But it will be so great to race through dinner because we're both so anxious to keep going, lay in bed and read it for ages and hate putting it down!  Plus...it seems so old-timey to spend our evenings reading out loud.  What a great activity.

(Originally, the plan was for me to read it now, and then Kyle would read it out loud while I was in labor, just to make the hospital stay more entertaining.  But I hate to make Kyle wait that long to find out what happens, and what if we get interrupted by a dang baby being born?  So I think we're going to watch Lost while we wait.  Thank heavens for epidurals that make such things possible.)

I'm freakishly excited. I can hardly wait for Kyle to be done with work so we can get this party started.


Lisa said...

I'm so excited too! I'm just waiting for 1:00 pm (when I'm off work) and then Lily and I are headed to pick it up! I hope Lily is okay watching movies all afternoon so that I can start reading!

Chelsea Kate said...

I've never even heard of this trilogy and now everybody on FB is talking about it. Fill me in! What am I missing?

Becca said...

Ohhh Chelsea. I am so jealous that you get to read Hunger Games for the first time. FREAKISHLY good YA books, honestly just...the best. I can't express my enthusiasm enough. I've recommended it to a million people and EVERYONE has loved it, so I feel confident saying that you should go get a copy as soon as possible.

Also, a movie version is coming out next year, so reading it now gives you extra street cred.

Chelsea Kate said...

So, the first one is Hunger Games? I'll go get it tomorrow. And who is the author?

Becca said...

Suzanne Collins! Love her.

Nancy said...

I went to the BYU Bookstore to pick it up and their 200 copies were already sold out! So, I came home and ordered it from Amazon. Stat. I wish I had gone to Costco though. I was afraid they wouldn't have it so I didn't bother. I need to finish what I'm reading already so it will all work out.

A funny sideline story about Scott who is also into the series--I emailed him at work about BYU Bookstore not having "Mockingjay". He had no idea that was the title of the third book of the Hunger Game series. Here's what he wrote: "You went to campus to purchase a mockingjay? Sorry you had to make a trip in vain—however, I am not sure what you are talking about. :)"

Here's what I responded to my cutie:

"Um, for your ignorance, you will not be allowed to read the last installment of the Hunger Games book, Mockingjay, first. :)"

Isn't that funny? His email made me totally laugh!