Monday, August 23, 2010

Whit's Wedding!

Saturday was an eventful and exciting day--Whitney got married!  We were all so excited because we really like her (now) husband Cody.  We all had a blast hanging out and basking in the weddingness of the day.  Umm...I LOVE WEDDINGS.

Notice her shoes.

About to take off!  I sat out the jumping  picture because of my...size. And I usually ruin them anyways.

It's impossible to get a good picture of me these days.  It seems like what I look like in real life is entirely different from what I look like in pictures!  Maybe I needed to turn more to the side to look more cute pregnant, not gross pregnant.  I swear though, my face does not look this chubby in real life. To me at least. Ok maybe it does.


A wedding in Salt Lake City?  That means that, in accordance with tradition, we were forced to go to Star of India for lunch with our friends.  And it was awesome.  This time we refused to branch out and just got a lot of tikka masala...I have no regrets.

The reception was gorgeous. It was impossible to capture with a camera how amazing the setting was, in Whitney's friend's backyard.  We all gawked and drooled for basically the entire time.  It was so exciting for us to just be in a place like that!  Furthermore, Whitney made great color/decor/food/cake/everything choices.  Everything was so fun and really pretty.

I wish I took more pictures.  I am not a good documenter--it's lucky I have this many.  There were a bunch of us there from the old Park Place ward, it was fun to reunite and hang out for a while.  Do I have pictures of us?  Of course not. Lame.


Kyle said...

I'm pretty sure everyone loves the way they look in the "jumping" picture.

Katy said...

Why is it that i have never been around for one of these traditional Star of India trips? I think I speak for everyone when I say that it is not a tradition if Katy has not yet participated in it.