Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Advise Me

I am not expecting a baby to come anytime before September 21, but I am starting to think about that hospital bag.  Just in case.  I won't pack it yet--for some reason I'm thinking it's a week 38 job--but I'm at least considering what should go into it.  Which means I'm asking you.  What should I bring? Is there a super important item that I won't think of?  I don't entirely trust the online lists because they all include "prepaid phone card and a list of phone numbers"--seems slightly outdated and dumb.  I know I need a toothbrush, camera/laptop, and (big) clothes to go home in. That's about it.

(I can't imagine going home with a baby.  Driving a car with my baby in it?  Scary!  Kyle put the carseat in a couple weeks ago because he's excited, but I can't imagine it being occupied.  We plan on driving through Arby's on the way home, because it's our tradition after leaving the hospital--and I'll probably need a chocolate milkshake more than ever.  That's as far as I've planned, returning-home-as-parents-wise.)


Nikki said...

I packed a ton of stuff and didn't use the vast majority of it. I used my going home outfit (I even stayed in the hospital gown my entire stay...I think I was in the minority with that, but it was just the most convenient), baby's going home outfit, aaand...I think that was it. Seriously.

Bryce said...

To be honest, what I really wish I'd brought was a pillow and an air mattress. But we were there for four days, so I hope you have no need of such things.

TheMoncurs said...

You really don't need much. They provide the vast majority of what you and the baby need while you're there. My hospital even has soap in the shower so I didn't bother bringing shampoo or bodywash or anything. In retrospect I should have brought conditioner just because my hair was so ridiculously long. But whatever. Like Nikki, I just wear the hospital gown the whole time. I brought:

-going home clothes for me
-going home clothes and a blanket for baby
-toothbrush and toothpaste
-a little bit of makeup
-blowdryer (my bangs require blowdrying. There's no way around it)
-hair brush
-phone charger

I brought books both times but never read them. I was too busy sleeping or gazing at my baby in adoration.

Don't stress too much..I don't know how far you live from the hospital you'll be delivering at but you can always send Kyle home for stuff (I did that a ton when I had Wes because I wasn't exactly prepared to give birth any time soon, as you can imagine).

I am SO excited for you!

kate said...

i packed a huge bag and didn't use any of it except I was glad to have brand new body wash and shampoo and conditioner to use when i could get up and shower...childbirth is messy.

and I was glad to have my laptop even though the hospital blocked all social networking sites.

Cannon said...

Advice?! I love giving advice! I packed a bag once and in it I placed a hackey sack. Actually I think the bag of beans fell in there by accident - I have no recollection of putting that thing in there. I was sure glad I did it though. I played with that thing for months! Even after I was done using the travel bag.

Cait said...

The hospital blocked social networking?! That's lame. I don't remember bringing anything, but I did have gatorade and granola bars for labor, but I don't think most people are allowed to eat during labor in the hospital. My midwife was a rebel and let me (and I'm so glad I had it because I would have famished all those hours without food).

Tyler and Brigitte Brown said...

Pack like you would if you were going to just simply be out of town. Basic things, clothing, hygiene things, a few things for baby to be comfortable on the way home. Be sure to make your husband bring whatever he needs if he stays the nights. I assume you'll be delivering at a hospital not too far from home. If you forget something you just have to have, I'm sure your hunny would go get it ;) I wish I'd brought the book I was reading at the time, but I slept a lot, and of course drooled over my new baby the rest of the time. The baby is all the entertainment you'll need I think ;) Good luck!

Meg said...

Chapstick. And breath mints for Kyle- your sense of smell gets even more intensely acute during labor. :)

I totally relate with the "this is weird to pack for a baby I haven't met yet!" but really, I was so glad that I had packed a few of my favorite outfits so he could look cute.

The Keogans said...

Umm bring some nipple cream and shields just in case, lol. I mean, seriously I had a hard time with that! Just saying.

Hope you don't mind me saying something... I happened upon your blog =P

mandy said...

Socks and going home outfits,that is my advice! Take advantage of the time to sleep!

Miss Frazzled said...

The camera is the only truly necessary item. I even forgot that with my first, and Chris had to run across the street to the 24-hour pharmacy and buy a disposable (this was 2001). It was 3 a.m. and my water had broken at 34 weeks.