Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Me Through Pregnancy

The Official Shoe of My Pregnancy
I bought these sandals about 1.5 years ago, and they haven't left my feet since.  Well, I do switch it up when I need to look nice or it's snowing outside.  But they are absolutely the best flip flops I've ever had.  They are just SO FREAKISHLY COMFORTABLE.  Honestly.  I don't think they work whatsoever with the whole tone-your-legs thing (I've never bought into that), but I really don't care because they just feel soooo goooood on my feet.  My sisters mock me because they're not very attractive, and normally I would care, but my feet won't let me because they are finally--FINALLY--comfortable.

My feet are big now.  My feet and ankles and calves are swollen, and hopefully aren't permanently bigger, which I've heard can happen.  My pretty shoes don't fit anymore--which has made me really sad on a couple of occasions where some pointy stilettos would have REALLY made an outfit.  But my Fit Flops ALWAYS make me feel better.  They are now officially the only shoes I can wear--I decided that after church on Sunday, where I brutalized my feet in order to look a little cuter.  No more.  Fit Flops all the way.

The Official Foods of My Pregnancy

First trimester:
The only thing that could ease my sore throat after throwing up.  I really came to depend on Jello pudding and  sometimes it was all I could keep down.  I hope there was some good nutrition in there somewhere?

Second trimester:

The giant pack from Costco was a godsend--my favorite snack.

Third trimester:

Just...you know.  My favorite food.

The Official Awesome Guy of My Pregnancy

The Official Best Medicine of My Pregnancy

Heartburn is one of the many side effects of pregnancy that can be really terrible.  I mean, sometimes it was mild enough that a couple Tums could help, but often that wasn't enough for me.  I would be up all night in serious pain--unable to sleep or even lay down, regardless of how many pillows I tried to prop myself with.  It really really hurt.  I tried a couple different medications that my doctor recommended, and finally used Prilosec.  It worked almost immediately and has been really effective, drastically improving my life!  I still occasionally have mild heartburn, because Velocity just REALLY wants to cause it, but I am so so so much happier.  Heartburn isn't the most terrible symptom of pregnancy (although it's up there), but it definitely made everything a lot worse, and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it anymore.  I wish I could find equally effective medication for all the other symptoms too!

The Official Distractions of My Pregnancy

I'm focusing on the positive today because I am TIRED.  That often translates into CRANKY, but I am trying to be okay with no sleep because soon that will be my life.  It kind of feels like it's my life already--I've always had sleep problems, they intensified with my pregnancy, and now I just flat out suck at sleeping.  I'm getting between 3 and 5 hours of sleep every night (over the weekend I got 6 hours one night, it felt GREAT) and I'm not great at dealing with it.  I will continue to try though.  Kyle deserves a wife who is pleasant and delightful to be around, not ornery and mean.  Just because I only slept from 11PM to 2 AM doesn't mean I can't also be a healthily functioning human being, right?  It's good practice for having a newborn.  The haircut I got today, combined with the fact that I LOVE the bag I got with the Clinique bonus gift (I have been waiting for Clinique Gift Time for MONTHS) makes me feel a lot better.

Choosing a convertible car seat would make me feel even better.  For some reason it's stressing me out.


Kyle said...

you're probably taking a well deserved nap right now, but when you wake up, I want a picture of your haircut.

TheMoncurs said...

The pudding has calcium. TOTALLY good for you.

Hang in there! You're almost done!

Katy said...

Whoa, you like FRIGO string cheese?
Up is down, black is white. I think I have to reevaluate everything I know about you as a person.

Miss Frazzled said...

I ate nothing but potato chips and lemonade my first two trimesters because I read that the combination of salty/tart would stay down. My kids are swell, and yours will be even better with all that pudding/cheese calcium and vitamins from the Frosted Flakes.

ps If you have the $$ get the Britax. If not, I really liked the Graco Comfortsport. But you don't really need a convertible until they outgrow the infant seat, which, I'm telling you, is a must have. Some kids last a year in the infant seat. Mine lasted 5-6 months. Once in awhile, I'll see someone carrying a 16 month old in an infant seat. I'm like, Seriously? Wimpy kids. :)

pps I started buying Sargento cheese when Chris went to business school with the daughter of the owner, heiress to the cheese empire. She was really nice.