Monday, October 25, 2010

My little starfish

I have to stop making pretzels.  It's getting ridiculous.  So yesterday I made bagels instead.   This recipe isn't too hard and they taste really good--although they're not what you would call gorgeous.  I don't think they can replace my pretzel obsession though.

I'm getting such a kick out of Ruby lately:

 We got this little Halloween outfit at a garage sale and I love it.  And it confirms that she looks like a boy unless she's dressed like a girl.  

Her first time in the Bumbo!  She loved it.  She sat there for ten or fifteen minutes, but then her neck got tired and her head slumped down so we took her out.

I call this her starfish outfit.  She looks so silly.  I couldn't get her limbs to cooperate for the camera though, so just imagine how starfishy she looks when they're all splayed out.

This is before I took her on a walk this morning--which never ended up happening.  I stepped outside and noticed the Arctic winter and walked right back in.  I think her limbs sticking out of the Bjorn in this outfit are just HILARIOUS.

I REALLY need to charge my camera so I can stop posting crappy pictures from my phone.


Katy said...

what a little starfish thug! I can't wait to go on walks with you when I visit--I LAUGH in the face of Arctic weather.

Celia said...

Haha. This made me laugh out loud. I like the little bit about the "Arctic weather." We need to get out of here!

The Edgrens said...

You are looking SO good. And of course little Ruby is absolutely adorable!! I love it!

Jennifer Ricks said...

Hooray for the Bumbo! It's also our high chair right now.

Brittany said...

Love it. Love the starfish. Love the Bumbo. Love the little limbs coming out of the Bjorn.