Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ruby's latest adventures

Ruby loves to be out and about.  She is happiest when shopping, eating out, or going on walks.  She is only cranky when she's been inside our apartment all day!  She is definitely not like her mom or dad, who have turned into homebodies (I think it's the lack of sleep).  Lucky for her, Christy and Lucy and Dad were in town last week and we spent every day running around having fun.  Christy (pregnant) and I (postpartum) were exhausted, but Ruby and Lucy had a blast.

We saw some awesome animals by my house.  Unfortunately this picture is of nasty big pigs, not the adorable baby goats or little kangaroos or llamas or yaks or anything interesting.  

Ruby went out in the cold for the first time (it is freezing most mornings) and wore her little lamb/bear/whatever outfit.  It is so cute and going to be worn a lot this winter in the frigid Utah snow.

We went to Corn Bellys!  It was so fun, even though they don't have the princess dress up clothes anymore. It was also my first time wearing the Baby Bjorn, and I love it.  So easy and comfy.

Lucy and Ruby had a lot of bonding time.  Lucy finally has a cousin on the Anderson side!  She loves Ruby and was great with her.

This little monkey is from Ruby's grandpa Ken.  Lucy decided it was awesome and anytime Ruby was sad, Lucy would run get the monkey to show her to cheer her up.

Ruby's first bath!  She took it like a champ.  No crying, no peeing in the tub.  She loved the warm water.  Unfortunately, when Kyle and I bathed her today (first time on our own) she screamed AND pooped.  Not sure what we did wrong...

I just love her face in this picture.

A girl's first raptor statue is...a pretty big deal.

Ruby continues to be awesome.  She is so cute in her little outfits, has hilarious squeak-toy hiccups and the softest hair, smiles a lot (it's adorable even if these ones don't count), and her toes are tiny miniature replicas of mine. She has an innie belly button, long fingers, and loves to be swaddled and sung to. We go on lots of walks and she is definitely a cuddler.  She is growing like crazy--she can't fit some of the clothes she wore a week ago, and I can totally tell that she's bigger just by how she fits in my arms.  At her 2 week appointment, she had already put on over a pound since birth!  She will be one month old on Tuesday--I can't believe it.

And now some random poor quality pictures from my phone.


Katy said...

First comment first comment wooooo!

Um well what is there to say but that I LOVE YOUR BABY AND YOUR LIFE AND I WANT TO BE IN IT and I am annoyed by all laws of physics and finances and reality that make it so that I am not getting all up in your business RIGHT NOW.


Karen said...

Thanks for posting masses of photos so I can see the adorable Ruby. I hardly recognize any of the outfits--that's how I know that she's grown! Have you opened the 3 month box??? Hey--that pic of Lucy and christy looks like it could go on a magazine!

Becca said...

Isn't that a great picture!I was so pleased that I caught that moment--Christy grabbed Lucy and started tickling her because she wouldn't smile. Christy is super hot, and Lucy is freakishly cute.

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

I think my hair is kinda weird-I really need a cut. PS-you haven't mentioned/shown off your cute new hair cut on the blog yet! She really looks bigger to me too-but it has only been three days since I've seen her, so that has to be my imagination right?

Jennifer Ricks said...

So cute! Your happy family makes me happy! I want to visit--I'll call you sometime this week!

Lisa said...

Darling pictures! We took Lily to Cornbelly's last week and she LOVED it. How weird that they didn't have the princess dress up clothes when you went... cuz Lily dressed up in a princess outfit and LOVED it. I had so much fun seeing so much of you the last little bit! Hope to see more of you guys!

TheMoncurs said...

Yay my gift makes an appearance!