Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm feeling GOOD.  Ruby is sleeping in today, which meant I was woken up by the sunlight and my own internal clock, not by her talking to herself.  It was nice. I do look forward to her waking up though, because she greets me with a huge smile every morning.

Last night I went out dancing.  I know.  I a) don't dance, and b) am a wife, a mother, and a lactating woman.  It was strange.  It was weird to not check out boys. It was awkward when I accidentally met eyes with a boy above the heads of the crowd while dancing--usually that is reserved for flirting.  I also learned that I am not up on the hip hop music of today's youth.  But I had a ton of fun with my friends, and as out of character as it seems, I got my dance on hardcore.  And if afterwards we ate ice cream and watched Underworld 4: Rise of the Lycans, well, what's done is done. Kyle watched Ruby for me because he is wonderful.

Katy is living in Orem and I'm loving it.  She taught me to spin (Wool. On a spinning wheel.) and we decorated her room and she comes over every day and we run errands together and have many grand plans of crafts and great meals and awesomeness.

I'm totally behind on Connect! 2011.  I bought a gift and just need to give it. I decided who to write letters to but I still need to write them.  Kyle and I know what we're going to do to "meet the neighbors" but I'm dreading it and it hasn't happened yet.  As for service--I'm not sure what to do yet.  I gave away my HoHos--does that count?


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Glad you had fun at the 30 min dance party! What did you do when you locked eyes with the poor boy?! Flash your ring? Give him a self satisfied smirk because you're out of the game and he isn't? Or just awkwardly turn around...funny.

Coach Vaughn said...

I knew I should have had you bring Ruby as an anti-flirtation device.

Karen said...

How I wish I saw Ruby's morning smile!!!