Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Months

5 months is nearly 6 months, which is HALF A YEAR.  Whoa.

Ruby is HILARIOUS.  She laughs all the time, but it isn't the typical baby laugh I was so looking forward to.  It's either a freakish high-pitched squeal, or a deep husky chuckle.  Bizarre, but SO CUTE.  She is an expert at flailing her limbs and kicking her legs.  She grabs anything in her vicinity and it goes straight in her mouth.  This is cute when it's a toy or binky, not so cute when it's my hair.  She loves her toys, diaper changes, and taking baths.  She hates interrupted feedings and being left alone.  Something I love about her is the way she smiles with her eyes.  As Tyra would say, she's mastered the smize. 

The new thing is rolling.  She recently mastered rolling from back to stomach.  The weird thing is I've never actually seen her do it.  I try and try to make her roll over for me, with no results.  But every time I leave her in her crib or on her playmat or on a blanket on the floor for a couple minutes, I return to her on her tummy. She's so dang sneaky!

It seems like she's in a whirlwind of learning right now.  It is a joy to watch. I miss her newborn-ness, but I love her big baby-ness.


Bryce said...

That's a dang cute kid you've got there.

Karen said...

Boy do I miss Ruby!

Chris, Chelsea and Lilly Edgren said...

She loves diaper changes?! If it were up to Lilly she would sit around all day in a poopy diaper. She despises anyone going anywhere near her diaper! So bizarre!

Kyle said...

She's in a really cute stage right now. I'm sad that she has to grow up.