Friday, February 18, 2011

So Teeny

I almost cried looking at these pictures Amanda emailed me yesterday.  Ruby was so tiny--I think she was 2 weeks old at this point.  I love playing with Ruby right now, she is so interactive and giggly and responsive and fun.  But there is something about a teeny tiny newborn that just can't be beat.  She's just 5 months old but already feels like a big girl compared to these pictures!

I am so excited for Christy's twins to be born so I can hold a newborn again!  As Christy would say, they are so ingy!  (Eengy?  Ingee? I don't know how the Leiningers spell it.)


Chris, Chelsea and Lilly Edgren said...

Oh my goodness! She was and IS adorable!! I can't for our little one to come in August because Lilly is just getting too stinking big. I need a newborn in my life. :)

Jennifer Ricks said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS.