Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Other Goings On

When Dad drove to Utah with Katy a couple of weeks ago, we finally took the opportunity to drive to Grantsville to visit the grave of one of our favorite ancestors.  Katy has wanted to go for at least a year so I'm glad we finally did!  I slightly froze to death while tromping around the snowy cemetery looking for the grave, but it was fun and worth it.

When Katy stole my drink.

Dad driving.

Chap-stick is a big part of Dad's personality.

We had a great time visiting the Springville Art Museum last week.  FINALLY.  It's free, cool, and we've lived here over a year.  So lame that we don't go all the time!  We enjoyed ourselves, and only took one picture. We HAD to document Chief Massasoit from BYU campus!

For Christmas, Katy got a spinning wheel.  She takes raw wool and makes it into yarn.  Isn't that freakishly cool?  She taught me how and it is HARD and I suck at it...but it's fun.  Kyle helped her put it together.  (Ok, Kyle put it together and Katy was very appreciative.)  It was really tricky.

This is how Katy felt while the spinning wheel was built.

This is how Kyle felt.


Coach Vaughn said...

Wow. I had no idea I felt that way.

Jennifer Ricks said...

So Brian carries chapstick in his pocket (mostly for me--let's be honest), but he always takes the label off. Apparently he thinks nondescript white chapsticks are manlier. :)

Whitney said...

yeah! I'm so glad ya'll went to the Springville museum of art! Did you get to see the Pugh exhibit in the step down gallery on the main floor? I dunno...I liked his style. anywho-come again! and if you happen to come on tuesday or thursdays from 1-3 or ANYTIME friday you will see me there :)