Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grilled Cheese Gala

This year's Fancy Dress Grilled Cheese Gala was fancier than ever-- and a total success!  I feel so great about how it went.  Instead of just our normal crowd, we invited them + other friends from different social spheres and for once that actually worked!  Lots of people didn't know each other, but we all had a great time mingling and meeting folks. We rearranged our furniture to an arrangement more conducive to a cocktail party (and by "cocktail" I mean "Shirley Temples") and to accommodate more people than have ever been in my house at the same time.  My camera, however, was both running out of batteries and out of space on the memory card--because I'm an idiot.  We got enough shots to remember the party at least.

We arranged the bookshelves according to color, I like it so much!

The bar

 The baby

Ruby was the belle of the ball. We got this adorable dress from Kyle's sister Jennifer, and I LOVE it.

Ashley arrived early to help us out, bless her heart.

It was so great that everyone dressed up. It really added to the fun of the evening. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of everybody.

We didn't take pictures of the 3 kinds of grilled sandwiches we made.  We made a MILLION--like 40, cut in half, and they were all gone. I didn't even get any!  Plus we had Lil Smokies (because a party's not a party without Lil Smokies, in my opinion) and I didn't get any of those either.

These are the dessert grilled cheese sandwiches that I'm pretty sure we invented.  French toast bread + mixture of ricotta/cream cheese/nutella/cream/powdered sugar.  SO DELICIOUS.

I wore a dress I got from Savers for $4.  Kyle wore a DI tux with a sweet suit coat he got while working at Dillards (I think. Maybe it's DI too?) He looked GOOD.

And at the end of the night, I got to go (stay) home with this guy.

So I call that a success, indeed.


Karen said...

What a fun soiree! thanks for posting pictures. It looks so fun--and Ruby looks so cute!

Jessica Rabbit said...

I have no words. I am lost in awe at your amazingness, and your creativity, and I am so filled with jealousy I might just cry a bit....

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Sweet! Thanks for taking so many pics-you look hot in your Savers dress. In 1999 I would have worn that to prom!