Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruby's first solid meal

...was basically still liquid.  1 tablespoon of rice cereal + 4 tablespoons of breastmilk is basically just...thicker milk.

Her tongue thrust reflex is still going strong, but she did end up swallowing a little bit of the food.  She didn't seem too fazed by the experience--Kyle and I were freaking out way more than she was!  She seems so old to us.  Today she sat up by herself, held her bottle by herself, AND ate solids.  Such grown-up things for her to be doing!

Kyle filmed me feeding her, which means it'll sit on our video camera for a while before it gets edited.  But I did take a some pictures during Kyle's turn:

Life's about to get a whole lot messier, I can tell.

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Karen said...

I love how she has her hand on Kyle's arm. She looks so clever! That shot where she is looking at the camera is maybe my favorite. I am dying to see her in the flesh!