Monday, March 21, 2011

6 Months

Ruby is SIX MONTHS OLD.  Whoa.

She's 16 lbs! 52%
Height: 85%
Head: 54%

She is great at eating cereal and now we've started with vegetables!  Woo!  Hopefully she'll eat them more than I ever did. She loves green beans so far--weirdo.

My favorite part of the day is getting her up in the morning. She is so happy to see me and get out of bed. She kicks and giggles and beams at me and makes me feel amazing.

Ruby has mastered the exersaucer and rolling back and forth.  She loves standing while holding on to our ottoman and has taken a couple steps like that.

She is 90% crawling.  She is SO CLOSE it just kills me.  She gets on her hands and knees all the time and rocks.  She also tries to crawl with her knees together--it's hilarious.  And I love when she sticks her bottom in the air and does a little hop to try to travel.  She's so funny to watch.  And she can totally get around...just not traditionally.

Her first tooth is coming in!  I can see it and feel it.  I'm going to miss her gummy grin, but teeth will be pretty dang cute too.

Ruby is finally babbling.  Her most common words are "blah blah" and "dada"--we"ll get "mama" one of these days. I love hearing her talk.

Happy half birthday, baby girl.


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

cutest post ever. I love all the different faces she is making. You have the cutest baby in the world.

Karen said...

Oh my gosh. I was coming to terms with not seeing her until THIS POST. All your fault! :)

Marissa said...

Ruby really is so adorable! I love her cute little face!

Katy said...

OMgosh you are KILLING me and I only live like twenty minutes away from you!! TWENTY MINUTES TOO FAR.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Whoa! Amazing! I'm in love with those--dare I say--NAKED RUBY photos. Send those to a baby magazine. I can't handle that cutest little face!