Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crawling!, (sex), and Baby Animals

Ruby's crawling is getting out of hand. I now have to be certain that there's nothing on/near the floor in the entire room that could be harmful/harmed before leaving her even to go to the bathroom.  It's now even harder to get things done.  To make up for it, she is even cuter and more fun than ever.  I'm so grateful for her.

What I'm not grateful for? My neighbors.  Congratulations on having such a, uh, vigorous love-life, but could you please move your bed away from the wall?  And maybe keep the shouting to a minimum?  It was a less than pleasant way to be woken up early Sunday morning.  Especially when it happens so frequently.  (I'm sorry if this grosses all of you out, but imagine how I must feel.)

ANYWAYS back to me and my family.  We have been visiting the animals by our house a lot lately.  And yes, one of the little kangaroos touched my stomach.  What a boon.  The baby llama continues to be the cutest thing ever, except for the two baby goats. I want to smuggle them in my coat and take them home with me.  And the little lambs we drive by every day have been not just standing and eating and looking cute, but also running and jumping and gamboling about, looking cute.  It kills me every time.  While I haven't ever been a huge roast lamb person, I am now even less likely to ever eat it.  They're too darling.

And now, an adorable picture of MY baby animal stuck in her cage.  Baby human.


Karen said...

That is the cutest picture of Ruby yet. KILLING me!!!

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Her little outfit is even animal print! I love that picture-she could not be cuter.

Kayla said...

Pound on the wall when you hear them. A loud sex life is not something you get to enjoy while living in an apartment with shared walls. So gross.

Ruby is cute. That is all.

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Council Bluffs said...

Does the kangaroo have a black eye now after Kyle found out it came on to you?

Nikki said...

Kayla and I are definitely sisters. I was going to say the exact same thing. Pound on the wall next time you hear them - they will hopefully be embarrassed and move their shenanigans elsewhere. And Ruby is adorable.

The Keogans said...

Or just leave an anonymous note on their front door saying "I think you need a new bed frame because it sounds like the one you guys have is about to break"... or something like that anyway.

That is the cutest picture ever! I wish I had one of Sydney like that! Sooo adorable.

Whitney Marie Salch said...

Your daughter is so very adorable. My daughter recently started standing and is now almost walking. It's such an adventure but you're right. I have a hard time getting ANYTHING done. I miss getting stuff done. Now the house is always a little messy, always a little out of place and I'm always a little tired but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

lol. Sorry about your neighbor problem. I wish I had someone complaining to me about being too loud. I miss those days haha. I'm glad our neighbors aren't close enough for us to hear them or them to hear us though.

That little animal is sooooo cute. Where do you live to get to see such cute animals? I'm jealous!