Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giveaway that I am really enthusiastic about.

It's rare that I blog about giveaways, just for one more measly entry.  But I really. really. really. want this.

See Kate Sew is a fabulous craft blog.  Kate is also my friend from high school who I've always been secretly jealous of because she can do ANYTHING and is so cool.  I spoke at her baptism, which makes me feel very important.  Her little baby boy Cohen is one of the hippest and cutest kids out there.

ANYWAYS I didn't need to write all that for an entry, just about the giveaway.  She's giving away a LETTERPRESS MACHINE.  Yes. Letterpress. In your home.  It's my DREAM.  I need it.  Now that I know you can get it for $100, I'm going to need to buy it if I don't win.  (Yeah right. Like THAT'S in our budget.)

SO don't enter, because I want to win.  If you win, I'll be bitter and hateful for a little while.  Seriously.  But do read See Kate Sew.  Or Kate's normal, non-crafty blog. Both are on my blog roll.  Now that you know how awesome Kate is, you will want to.


Becca said...

Ok friends, don't think that I can't see you entering this giveaway. I am mad at all of you.

kate said...

lol. you and katy. hilarious. these posts are kind of embarrassing. (and sweet.) i remember that baptism talk. best one ever.