Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restaurant Conundrum

So, let's say you have a favorite restaurant with awesome food and a fun atmosphere.  You go there all the time because it's one of those constant craving types.  And it's nice, not trashy.

Let's say you went there on Saturday with your friends.

Let's say that one of you had a fly in your salad (comp'd meal and two personal apologies) and another of you was sick the next two days with food poisoning (much vomiting and wishing for death). 

But YOUR food (read: mine) was GREAT.

So.  What do you do?  Never go again because they might actually be nasty?  Or continue going because it's so dang good and there are normally no issues?  I could write it off as a totally random crappy coincidence.  But if I go again, I might just imagine flies in my food and not be able to eat.  Or remember Kyle being deathly sick and miserable.



Danny and Christy Leininger said...

The fly is enough to turn me off forever. A hair in your food is awful-but somewhat understandable. A fly? No excuse.(I hope it wasn't Rice King for your sake. or the trolley place)

Nikki said...

If there is a different location, I'd just go there instead. If not, well, I'd probably not go back. That is very unfortunate.

Coach Vaughn said...

Let's eat there again, but next time we'll bring our royal food taster.

Cait said...

I was going to say exactly the same thing Christy said: I really hope it wasn't Rice King. That's the only restaurant we ever go to.

Becca said...

Not Rice King. Don't worry.