Friday, April 1, 2011

Mom Names

What does your baby/kid call you?  Or if your baby is too little, what do you refer to yourself as? Or if you don't have a baby, what do you call your mom?

I like Momma.  It's different from "Mama" because it's not "mah-mah".  It's more like "mom-muh".  It's what I mostly call my mom, and it's what I call myself now that Ruby is here.  I don't think of myself as her mommy, I'm either Mom or Momma.  Of course, once she gets old enough I'll be whatever she calls me.  Unless she's a punk and tries referring to me by my name or "old lady" or something like that.  (We often call my dad Old Man...but I think he's okay with it.  He signs his emails Olde Man.)

I still think Momma looks weird though. But I've seen a lot of people use it , so I just need to get used to it.


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

So I couldn't even think of what Lucy calls me-I just asked her and she said "Mom...wait no, Mommy". So who knows:) I love that outfit Ruby has on-I remember buying it with Katy ages ago! I can't believe she fits it!

Karen said...

The gold fish outfit is beyond darling! You guys have changed what you all me over time, I think. But I like Momma.