Monday, April 4, 2011

Funny Faces + Am I Really Brunette?

I show you pictures like this:

(Excuse the poor picture quality. My hallway is dark.)

Where she looks like a precious, sweet little girl. 

 I don't often post this kind:

Where she just looks CRAZY.  Trouble is, I have a lot more crazy pictures than angelic pictures.  And blurry pictures that show how dang quick and active she is.  And really, her silly faces are my favorites.  She is so expressive, so animated.  

She isn't always all pensive and calm like this:

Let's face it, she's usually more like...


I just think she's hilarious.

ANYWAYS. Back to me and my hair. Even though we were never there.

My hair is straight up brown I think.  Maybe lighter brown.  And yeah, it sucks, and I'm bummed about it, but I hate dyeing my hair so I think I'll just leave it.  I'll just be like my mom and swear to my children that I used to be blonde and they won't really believe me (sorry Mom!).  Having Ruby is worth it I guess.

But some people still say that I'm not REALLY brunette, and my hair is definitely lightening, and it's not that dark, etc. etc. etc.  Those people are cruel because I cling to hope.  I want to be blonde. Naturally.

What would you say this color is?

Pretty dang brown, I think. Is there a prettier name for it?  Can't I be burnt dirty muddy gold at least?


Emily said...

I'm sorry to have you cling to hope but I really do not think you are straight up brown. :( You DEFINITELY have some blond in there.

Jack and Amanda said...

That's a lot more brown than I expected

Kyle said...

I love her "huh?" face! She must get that from her dad.

Blonde or brunette, I'll love you the same. :) <3 (:

Kayla said...

Aww, that Kyle is a keeper.

Even with brown hair I still think of you as blond. You've been blond forever!

It's pretty brown but there are hints of blond. Spend some time in the sun (with lots of SPF 75). I bet it will lighten.

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Whitney said...

well, the brown color that i've taken to dying my hair is called chocolate truffle-with a name like that you can't begrudge it.

Whitney said...

plus i've always thought that brown hair and blue eyes was the prettiest combo-it could be worse, you could be dark all over like me-hair and eyes ;)

Karen said...

You still look very honey blonde to me. :) OK, maybe dark honey....That Ruby is adorable, in all her faces!

Karen said...

BTW, the face that you call "crazy" is my all time favorite picture!

Celia said...

I love that picture of you! I would say you are a warm blonde. I would NEVER call you a brunette!