Thursday, March 17, 2011

fashion blogger for a day

I am not skinny. I am not stunningly beautiful.  Having a baby made my face chubby and my hair brown.

But it's still possible for me to look cool!  The key to my style: be interesting.  You don't have to be hot or have a perfect body to look cool.  You just need to add a little something to an otherwise blah outfit.

For example: I have nothing against wearing jeans and a t shirt to everyday activities.  But I never wear just jeans and a t shirt.

Shirt, Target. Vest, Forever 21. Jeans, Gap.

I usually just throw on a vest.  It adds some interest.

Shirt, thrifted. Vest, American Apparel. 

Shirt, Shade. Vest, Forever 21. Glasses, Lucky.

(I somehow have a lot of vests.)

(Also, I've had glasses for years because I'm nearsighted, and NEVER wore them.  Several months ago I decided to embrace my bad eyesight and make glasses part of my identity--and consequently, I have a new constant accessory.  I recommend it.)

In the dastardly winter of Utah (which we're finally getting out of), my outdoor uniform is jeans and a black peacoat.
Coat, Gap. 

Far too boring.  This is much better.
Brooch, vintage. Scarf, thrifted.

Brooches and scarves are the easiest things in the world to throw on, with big results.  (I recommend thrift stores and antique stores for cheap accessories. That brooch cost me $5 at an antique store, and the scarf was fifty cents.)

Sure, I want to lose 20 pounds, I have very little money to work with, and my baby girl will wipe carrots and sweet potatoes on anything I wear.  It's not worth it to me to put on expensive clothes that will just get filthy, but it doesn't mean I have to wear sweats all day (as appealing as that sounds).  Just putting a little effort into what I wear makes a big difference in how I feel about my looks.

(Helpful hint: Skinnies or jeggings are the most comfortable pants in the world, and almost anything you wear with them will look cool. T-shirt and bootcut jeans? Blah.  T-shirt and jeggings? Hip.)

I'm not super hot, but I get compliments all the time on what I'm wearing, and that's enough for me.  People always notice my accessories.  It's all about putting on something basic and adding something awesome to it.  And that's what makes it YOUR style.


Emily said...

You should take me shopping with you! I desperately need something besides the sweats that I wear EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Umm, you're crazy. You ARE skinny and gorgeous--at least I've always thought so! Geez, lighten up on yourself, woman!