Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twin Pics!

You're welcome.

Since Christy, Danny, and my mom are up to their eyeballs in the first week of the lives of TWO newborns (therefore sleepless nights and constant feeding/burping/diaper changing) and have no time to take pictures with a real camera, let alone upload pictures, I asked if I could put up the iPhone pictures that I have received since their birth.  There are fewer pictures of Joyce because she was in the NICU for a while after birth, so Lydia was more available for pictures.

Right after getting the pitocin, I think. After hours of waiting.
Finally at a 10! 

Lydia Jane

Twin moms get a special meal!
Daddy and Lydia

Umm....I think Lydia?

Mom and Joyce Aline

Meeting Lucy


Going home!
Finally at home
Lydia's arm around Joyce
Lucy and Joyce
Lydia and Joyce
I am pining for them!


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures! They are even cuter in real life. I can hardly wait for you to get here and hug them! (Oh this is mom on Christy's machine!)

Nancy said...

Thank you Becca! How fun to see some pictures!!!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for putting up some pictures! I can only IMAGINE what it's like for them right now! What sweet little angels. I'm just so so so happy for all you guys.

Brittany said...

Yay!I must say though, I'm a little jealous of her shnazzy (the spelling on that looks way off...)meal at the hospital! They are beautiful little girls.

Also, it took me a second to realize that is THE Lucy. During the summer of '08, she was definitely NOT that big. Not that I ever met her, but it's still crazy to me. :)

The Christensens said...

Oh hooray! I'm glad someone had time to post pictures. Such beautiful little girls!!!!

Kayla said...

Oh my goodness, that just made me cryyyy. I love babies. And two at the same time is just too much for my heart to handle.

I'm so happy for them!!


Alicia said...

Yay! Thank you! I've been wanting pictures since Sunday! They are perfect.