Sunday, May 1, 2011

My BFF + His BFF= Love

I think they'll be happier when it's the real deal.

My best friend is marrying Kyle's best friend!  Our life can now FINALLY be a sitcom.  Oh wait, that can't happen until we move in next door to each other.

I am extremely happy. Like, I don't think I can possibly describe how happy I am.  I had an inkling, because Alan's mom Midge wrote something suspicious on facebook.  PLUS that night Alan and Nieman called to come over at like 9...and they have a very strict curfew of 9:30 which Nieman definitely does enforce.  Conditions were suspicious.

To tell us, they walked in and replaced this paper plate (which has been displayed in our living room since December) with this one:

So now, the wedding preparations have begun!  I have spent approximately 12 hours shopping for a wedding dress with Nieman.  This is something I have dreamed of for YEARS.  (Not just for Nieman's wedding, but for Nieman's wedding with Alan.)  Life is so great when your dreams come true.

Is it bad that Kyle and I think that their sealing will be the happiest day of our lives?


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

So cute! Love the paper plate exchange:)

Cait said...

That is very, very exciting. Tim and I tried to do the same thing (my BFF + his BFF) but we failed miserably. And now his BFF is married to another woman so no second chance. Oh well. Congrats Becca and Kyle!