Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make It Work

On Saturday, Kyle and Ruby and I went to the Gateway with Celia to check out some dresses at Anthropologie.  When we got there and saw a line outside of Lucky, I remembered reading that there was going to be a special guest that day--TIM FREAKING GUNN!  I love that man.  We peered in at him through the windows every time we passed the store, and I freaked out when I actually saw the man himself.  He was standing not 5 feet away from me!  He was awesome in real life.  Doesn't he just have the kindest face?

This would be a story worth telling if Celia and I had gone in and met him and got a picture with him.  As it was, we were too cowardly to meet him.  We were NOT dressed for the occasion.  When one meets Tim Gunn, one must look fabulous.  We considered buying new outfits and then meeting him, but that wouldn't be financially responsible.

I'm kicking myself now, though.  Having Tim Gunn comment on the cuteness of my baby would have made my life.


Kyle said...

I took that picture. You're welcome everyone.

Celia said...