Friday, July 1, 2011

Nieman and Alan's Wedding

Pictures of Alan and Kaity BROADBENT:

Pictures of ME at the wedding events:

Flowers and such:

A wedding with gorgeous flowers, amazing food, fake moustaches (silly at the Fentons luncheon and classy chocolate ones as favors) and a photo booth is my kind of wedding. And no wedding cake--just lots of incredible pies.

It was one of the best days ever.  Alan and Kaity were so incredibly happy and so were their families.  I cried more than I expected and was (am) in love with my bouquet. I think it was the best reception I've ever been to--comfortable and beautiful and fun. The hours flew by!  Kaity was beautiful.  I'm so happy for them.


Kayla said...

She looks so classy! What a gorgeous wedding.

How did you like the eShakti dress??

Christy said...

Man i'm a good photographer! Don't you love the one of them in the distance with the sun shining through her veil? So cute.