Thursday, July 7, 2011

9.5 months

Wow, she's about halfway through this month and I'm just now updating.  Things have been a bit crazy!

Ruby is nearly 17 lbs., which puts her in the 12th percentile.  Little teeny girl!  It's all that wild amount of crawling and cruising.  She will NOT stay still.  We already feed her extraordinary amounts of food, but we're going to have to up it anyways.  I can't believe her appetite.

She's freakishly cute.

New things:
I can't think of anything else.

More than anything, she is just so incredibly fun.  She is so happy and playful and loving.


Katy said...

those were adorable pictures. GIVE ME MORE.

Katy said...

THANK YOU for blogging and posting pictures! I check so many times a day just hoping to see more of Ruby. Can hardly wait for Tahoe!

Katy said...

Katy signed on my computer and didn't put it back in my name--sorry! That previous comment is clearly a Mom one!

Celia said...

That last picture KILLS me!! I can think of nothing cuter than tan Ruby.