Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Months

Ruby is 10 months now. It makes me feel slightly freaked out that she is getting so close to 1 year. It doesn't seem right!

She has 2 top teeth that are almost fully in, to go with her two bottom teeth.

She can stand on her own for a pretty long time, and we expect steps soonish.

She gives me kisses when I request them.  I am perfectly fine with drooly open-mouth kisses.

She loves playing chase and getting attacked by the Kiss Monster.

She hugs her Bunny and Dolly--and any stuffed animal I give her.

She "combs my hair"--comes at me and bangs me on the head with the handle of her baby brush.

She LOVES playing Peek a Boo.

She waves bye-bye.

She feeds herself anything we put in front of her.

She tickles our toes because she loves hearing us laugh.

Common nicknames: Rubykins, Rubigail, The Bunny, Rue.

I left the camera cord in California so here are some random pictures from my phone:


Karen said...

Counting the days until I can hug that baby again!

Celia said...

She is just too precious. I love her smile!

Kayla said...

AND she loves me. You forgot that part.

So glad I finally got to meet her!!

Jennifer Ricks said...

Kisses are the best! We've moved on to closed-mouthed now, and he even says, "Mmmmmmm-muh!" It is so adorable, I can barely handle it. We need to get together soon! Life has been pretty crazy for us lately, so sorry we've been a bit MIA.

P.S. I hope my BABY GIRL turns out as cute as Ruby!

Kyle said...

That picture at the doctor's office is my favorite. I can't believe how big she's getting. Thanks for chronicling all of this!

Celia said...

I read this post again, and I have to comment again because Ruby with a popsicle stick is the cutest thing in the WORLD!