Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 Year

My baby girl is 1 today!  I'm trying to only be happy and excited, and not at all sad that she is growing up so fast.

She weighs a little over 18 and a half pounds, which is the 13th percentile.  This is a dramatic improvement from last month--we took her in when she was sick, and she was in the 1st percentile!

Normal head size--in the 47th percentile.

Length--29 inches, in the 47th percentile.

Some cute things that Ruby does:

  • Points the remote control at the tv and expects something to happen
  • Tickles our toes...all the time
  • Brings me Bunny to kiss, and then takes him back and gives him a hug
  • Jumps in her crib and laughs wildly when she should be sleeping
  • Makes friends with other little kids
  • Immediately picks up Tigger and shows him to me when I get her up from her crib.
  • Says "hi" and waves
  • Takes one step and falls down
  • Gets on all fours and looks at us upside down between her legs

She also will repeat any little action that makes us laugh.  The other day at Taco Bell, she was doing a weird playing-the-violin-with-her-head-cocked thing, and Emily thought it was funny. Ruby spent the next ten minutes looking at Emily and doing it over and over again.

Our first family picture:

Our latest family picture:

This has been a wonderful year.  She is the sweetest little thing and she's really taught us a lot about joy and love and responsibility.  We love her more anything.


Christy said...

Yeah Ruby. i can't believe a whole year has passed. Happy birthday Ruby!

PS-super cute family pic:)

Katy said...

I think I'm going to do a needlepoint that says "Remember Ruby--Aunt Katy would kill a man for you." and then you could hang it on her wall and she would always know that I love her homicidally.

Becca said...

Katy--please do that.