Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ruby's Birthday

Ruby's first birthday was awesome! Barbara and I took her to get her 1 year pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids in the Provo Mall.  The photographer was awesome and couldn't believe how great Ruby was.  She was smiling and laughing the whole time--which is incredible, because I was stressed out that she would be awful.  She never ceases to amaze!

Ruby's birthday party was super fun.  We had a Ruby Red theme (of course) and Ruby's best friends came over.  She wasn't all that excited about opening presents, but she loved playing with them once they opened.  We ate cake and sang, and I felt like a Real Parent!

We're so glad that Kyle's mom came for the day.  Ruby so loves her Grandma!

A FREE cake from Macey's.  They wrote her name on it and everything!

This is the first picture of her as an official 1 year old, taken the next morning:

She's so big! I can't believe it.


Karen said...

I LOVE a post with lots of Ruby pictures! She looks so cute!

Christy said...

So many cute pictures! That last one year old shot! It is ridiculous but she really looks older in that pic! Especially love the one of Ruby in her new pink dress with her daddy. So glad she had a fun day. Can't wait to celebrate with her when we see you soon!