Sunday, October 9, 2011


When NOT obsessing about food and weight and cravings and being healthy, we are having a fun time!

Ruby is hilarious and entertaining.

We've finally made friends and feel comfortable in our ward.

There are a bunch of kids Ruby's age in our building, and all their moms are cool, and we have play dates almost every day.

After Ruby goes to bed, Kyle and I watch Star Trek: Voyager.  We just started season 3. We're having a blast.  That's how cool we are.

My birthday is on Friday!!! I am so excited this year.  My birthday last year was the worst birthday ever, so it won't be hard to beat.  I have a couple presents coming that I know about that are thrilling, and we have fun plans.  PLUS it is a break day so I can eat whatever I want!  I'm already planning my food that day.  I am really, really looking forward to it.  Kelsie is making me a chocolate cake and apparently it's amazing.

It's likely that we'll be taking family pictures on Saturday. What am I going to wear??

Ruby is overly confident when walking.  She has 2 bruises on her face--so far.  One from tripping and falling on a DVD case, and one from running face first into a door frame.  Crazy.

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Celia said...

Ruby is so cute and happy. I love her shoes :) And HOORAY for your birthday week!!!