Sunday, October 9, 2011

Healthy eating--Saturdays Suck

Saturday was hard.  I expected the weekends to be a bit more difficult, because Kyle and I just love food so dang much, but man. I almost broke so many times. And this juice thing--ugh.

For lunch I had "juice"--more like a shake, really--made of a ton of spinach, pineapple, and an apple. It was terrible, more because of the texture.  The texture was identical to vomit.  Thus, I really wanted to throw up.  Poor Kelsie's was so much worse, as it was just vegetables with kale as a base.  We managed to drink it though.

The rest of the day, all I wanted was something that tasted good.  That juice really filled me up, so I wasn't hungry at all--just craving something tasty.  I almost caved a million times. And not being able to have something delicious made me MAD.  Poor Kyle. I think I took it out on him a bit.

Before I did something crazy like eating something dripping with cheese or have chocolate milk with so much Nesquik it became a solid, I decided to enjoy a small indulgence.  A peanut butter sandwich.  And it was GOOD. It satisfied my craving, but wasn't wildly unhealthy.

Well, it satisfied my craving for a little while.  Once it got to be late at night, I was about to cave again.  I struggled all night.  At 11, I walked in to the living room and announced to Kyle that I was going to have either chocolate milk or Rice Chex.  Then I clapped my hand over my mouth and went into my room to go to sleep.  Sleep was the only thing that would get me out of that situation without a million more calories. Luckily it worked.

And it was worth it!  This morning I weighed myself and did a little dance on the scale.  I'm back down about 3 pounds! I made up for the 2 pounds I gained from Friday, and lost an additional pound.  The peanut butter sandwich might have cost me a little bit, but that's okay with me because it kept me sane.  I was about to give up, but weighing myself this morning re-ignited my motivation.

Oh, and also--the juice thing is not happening anymore.  Anytime Kelsie thought about drinking it again, she almost threw up.  We discovered that we would both rather starve than drink any more, which is certainly not the point.  So we decided to abort.  And were both suddenly so much happier.

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