Saturday, October 8, 2011

Break Day

Yesterday was a little break from freakishly healthy eating, because of two previously scheduled events revolving around delicious food.

Kyle and I had a lunch date at Macaroni Grill (courtesy of a free lunch coupon) where I had a very moderate (and sooo good) meal.  Half sandwich and a little salad--better than pasta with gobs of cheese yeah?  And I drank water! I HATE not ordering drinks at restaurants because a)I'm in the mood for fun and b)I don't want the waiter to think I'm cheap.  But does that really matter? No.

Kelsie and I planned a big soup dinner for a ton of people in our condo complex, which was awesome.  I made 4 batches of corn bread and only ate one little piece.  I chose the least healthy soup (sooo cheesy) but at least it had broccoli and carrots in it, and I only had a small amount. I only ate half of my bread bowl.  Aaaand I then had 2 brownies. Oh well.  Other than that, I only had water all day.  AND I made a ton of new friends, so it's worth the unhealthy food.

Break days, while fun, are costly.  I just weighed myself--ouch.  I had lost 3 pounds, and now I've gained back 2.  It's okay though.  This was a practically a planned weight gain. Once I start eating healthy again, I think the pounds will drop off easily.

Kelsie is going on a juice fast.  (Yeah, just like in Modern Family last week!)  Basically you take 6x more vegetables than you could ever just eat and turn it into a glass of juice and that's your meal.  It's nasty. It's really hard.  We watched a movie about it, and people were like practically suicidal for 3 days because they were doing it.  Kelsie, however, is going to be awesome.  I am going to do a very laid back modified version.  I'm just going to continue to eat the way I've been eating, with just fruits and veggies.  (No more Ezekiel bread--the stuff is just way too nasty. I'll give the rest of my loaf to Kelsie.)  I'm just going to replace lunch with the really gross "juice"--we don't have a juicer so it'll be more like a thick, goopy, chunky, frothy, smoothie.

Anyways! That's the plan.  I'm not even dreading going back to eating fruit and vegetables.  Honestly, it's not that bad.  I don't always feel hungry like I thought I would.  I could do this for a while, I think.  With some obvious break days (like my birthday! next Friday!).

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