Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy eating, pt. 2

You know, this really isn't too bad.  It's just once in a while I reallllly want something I can't have--usually chocolate milk.  And in those time, I either think "what would Kelsie do?" or mention it to Kyle or Christy--they are my good encouragers.

Breakfast: an apple
Lunch: Ezekiel toast with homemade raspberry jam (the only approved sugar)
Snack: grapes and a little bit of pineapple
Dinner: big salad including spinach, lettuce, carrots, bell pepper, broccoli, and pinto beans
Dessert: apple with peanut butter and honey. (I have never felt more indulgent--or guilty.  I may not have been breaking the letter of the law, but I certainly broke the spirit of the law.  I should not have enjoyed that as much as I did.)

Grapes and apples are definitely what are going to get me through this.

Oh and I've lost 2 pounds!


kate said...

go becca! is that lunch salad good? you inspire me. remember when you used to eat bread with mustard because mustard has no calories? Haha

Celia said...

Mustard toast! Haha.

That is amazing. 2 pounds already!? I am so proud of you! I think blogging about what you are eating is a great motivator. I also think you can keep this up!