Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new me?

My life is CHANGING! Thanks to my friend Kelsie.  For some reason, she is able to make me try weird vegetables, she gets me to eat salad, and she is extremely motivating when it comes to altering my diet to include good things and cut out bad things.

Here is a typical day in my normal eating diet:
Breakfast: Rice Chex and milk with a ton of sugar
Lunch: Chocolate milk
Dinner: Whatever Kyle and I eat, usually involving lots of cheese and noodles
Dessert: More chocolate milk

No wonder I'm not losing weight! I eat the worst food.  Kelsie does intense things like going 30 days without flour or sugar.  She mostly eats raw fruits and vegetables.  To me, that has always seemed IMPOSSIBLE.  Until...NOW. Something has just clicked in my mind, and now it seems like such a great idea!  Even though I don't like many vegetables, I'm determined to change my taste buds so that a) I like more vegetables and b) I want to eat vegetables.

Here's what I ate yesterday:
Breakfast: I hadn't started yet, so just Rice Chex
Lunch: Humongous salad with Kelsie, including kale, red cabbage, tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, kidney beans, avocado, corn,  celery, carrots, and I can't remember what else.
Dinner: Salad including lettuce, red bell pepper, pinto beans, and corn
Dessert: none

You guys don't have to read it, but I am going to blog about what I eat.  Just for a couple days.  I'm totally not doing this long-term--I'm just trying it out.  No milk, no sugar, no nothing.  Just fruits, veggies, and beans.  Oh and I can eat a little bit of Ezekiel bread--I got some yesterday and it's all right.

Kelsie took me to Sunflower Market yesterday and I loaded up on produce. It was fun and so...we'll see how this goes!  Usually, my goal is always weight-loss.  But this time, health actually matters to me!  Kelsie has shown me a couple food documentaries that are mighty convincing...


Celia said...

Ummm. I don't know what to say other than I ate two bowls of Rice Chex, three cups of chocolate milk, pizza, and cupcakes yesterday. I would blame that on pregnancy, but we both know that isn't entirely true.

I am proud of you! I have tried being healthy and it is always easier when you have someone to support/encourage you. Nathan used to be that support until I overwhelmed him with my bad habits. Hearing about you eating KALE and KIDNEY BEANS has inspired me! I'd love to see your food blog. I need a wake-up call and some motivation!

Becca said...

Celia, I know. Eating ealthy sucks. Remember when we lived together and ate all the same things? I miss my old diet...of eating whatever, whenever.

Bryce said...

You know what keeps me on the dietary straight and narrow? Black bean hummus. I'll eat raw veggies all day if I can dip them in that stuff.

Bryce said...

*kept me on the dietary straight and narrow. I'm currently eating Little Caesar's and drinking Coke Zero.

Chelsea Edgren said...

I was vegan for awhile and now I eat like crap. So basically I'm saying... YOU'RE AWESOME!!

CoreyAnn said...

I'm proud of you, Becca! I was so good for a while, because we were able to grow a garden - I LOVE home grown tomatoes! But, things have slowed down a bit in the garden. I think I'll try to do a little better after reading your blog. Yep, you inspired me :) Quality produce makes a huge difference (I really like sunflower market and they tend to have really good deals!). It also helps to have good recipes. Be sure to post if you have yummy healthy recipes (because truly yummy AND healthy recipes can be hard to come by)!

CoreyAnn said...

Oh, and if you ever get tired of eating SUPER healthy and raw, and you need something with noodles and cheese, try putting some pureed butternut squash in the mac'n cheese. I swear, you can't tell it's there, but it helps you get a veggie in. :)

TheMoncurs said...

I never did raw but I did switch to a veggie heavy diet after years of nothing but chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. It's amazing how your tastes adjust. I walked into Nikki's place yesterday all ready to make them some dinner and I opened her fridge and went, "There are NO vegetables in here!" Whereas before I would have been like, "You have tortillas and cheese! So you have the bases covered."