Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I haven't been blogging because I'm having a ton of fun in California this week and I didn't bring my camera!  BUT today Christy and I took Lucy and Ruby to a pumpkin patch, and did manage to take a few pictures.  Ruby wasn't feeling cooperative (she's a little sick, and she must really miss her daddy by now), and the orange reflected off the pumpkins so her face is orange, but it was still super fun.  Christy is having a lot of fun with her new camera and was nice enough to take a few pics of Ruby.

Ruby fell apart towards the end.

I love dinosaurs.  I was obsessed with them as a kid--the first purchase I ever saved for and made with my own money was a big dinosaur book from Costco.  (I saved that money in a very cool dinosaur wallet.)    The bridal shower my sister and friends threw for me was dinosaur themed.  Having a girl meant I couldn't decorate the baby room with a dinosaur theme (although robots would also be tempting.)   Lucky for me, Christy has a random dinosaur costume that fits Ruby! So now all my dreams have come true.  I have a dinosaur baby!!


Celia said...

Becca. I DIE. First off, your hair!?!? Holy BANGS!! And hotness. I can't even handle how amazingly radiant you are. Really. The last picture of you and Ruby is my all-time favorite. I love her costume.

This post made me so happy!! Can you tell? I think I just used a million exclamation points. I hope they convey how I am feeling at this moment :)

Christy said...

I had forgotten how much you loved dinosaurs as a kid-I totally remember that book and how much you wanted it. I'm so glad you have a dino baby:)