Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This was a really great Halloween!  Even though Ruby is too young to care, it is still more fun when you have a baby.  She loved wearing a costume and was so cute running around as a cat all evening.  She thought my makeup was funny, but was really scared of Kyle at first.

We went to the 4th Annual Bluffs Halloween Party, and it was so fun!  When we move away someday, we might have to travel back to Utah for Halloween, because I can't imagine that we can miss this party.  We covered all our traditions-- Garfield's Halloween movie, werewolves, costume contest, and talking late into the night.

My friend Kerry did my makeup.  SHE IS SO AWESOME.  She's also the one who cut and colored my hair a couple weeks ago.  AND did my nails.  I am so lucky to be her friend!

Our friends had awesome costumes, as per usual:

CB trying to capture Edward's sneer was pretty great.

Grapes and a sailor girl.

They have a thing about geography.
Thanks, Emily and CB.  You always throw an awesome Halloween party. And we always have a freakishly good time.

Kyle was creepy.


Celia said...

I love everyone there! I wish I could have gone. Also, Becca- let's talk about this makeup. It is SO AMAZING!!!! I couldn't stop staring at you! Your friend is really talented, and even though it was Halloween makeup, I loved it!

Kayla said...

Um, that makeup gives you the most amazing cheekbones I have ever seen. You look hot. I mean, you always look hot, but this is hot plus CHEEKBONES.

Karen said...

Love your costumes! Love Kyle with slicked back hair:)

Karen said...

PS-that was Christy-oops

Karen said...

For reals Karen says: WOW! You guys clearly get the prize for most fabulously costumed! (Sorry Neiman, you were clearly in the running.....) Ruby is, of course, the cutest kitten ever!