Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Fun Times

Ruby's beautiful Christmas dress is from Grandma Karen.  I love the faux fur collar on her little shrug.

Our tiny tree and little pile of presents.  We wrapped Oreos and egg nog to bulk it up a bit.

Snow overalls and fur hat!!!!!  Thanks, Grandma Joyce!!

We heard Ruby laughing so I went to check on her.  Clothes were strewn about the room and she was giving Dolly and Tigger some juice.  She now does this all the time, I love it!

As a special treat I gave Ruby a whole Oreo to eat all by herself. She LOVED IT.

We watched Holiday in Handcuffs and visited the Provo Instacare (it was no big deal) and ate an awesome pot roast and soooo many Christmas Cadbury chocolates. Mini Eggs in December? HEAVEN!!!


Katy said...

SUCH an adorable dress for our Ruby! I love it!! I am so glad when you post a bunch of pictures--and these are the best. Who took the family one? It is seriously great. We all agreed that Kyle looks incredibly handsome, your look luminous and Ruby is her normal incredibly adorable self!

Katy said...

PS--This is MOM. I checked to see whose name was on the page and it said they would ask for my google address later, but then it came up with katy's name without asking me. I'm sure it all her fault!

Katy said...

this is the real Katy this time. accept no substitutes.

and tell Ruby to stop being so cute. it's giving my hives.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Oh my gosh! You have the most beautiful family ever! And I'm so sad that I won't see your house all decorated for Christmas--it looks cute!

Jaclyn said...

Ruby's eyes are so enchanting - love your little family.