Saturday, December 24, 2011

I am Home for Christmas

My favorite Christmas song is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"--the Bing Crosby version.   And not just because it's the song in my favorite X-Files Christmas special, How The Ghosts Stole Christmas.  The words are just really awesome, and they've really hit me especially this year.  "Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow. Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow."  This year, the fates did not allow us to visit any family.  The day before we were going to drive to Amarillo to spend Christmas with Kyle's family, the weather got really bad.  The roads were closed for both routes we could possibly take.  It was too dangerous to do with Ruby and flights were crazy expensive.  Our disappointment at not seeing the Vaughns and Fanellis is pretty extreme.  We've had to work extra hard at feeling Christmasy--it's just not the same without family.  We are having fun by ourselves, but it definitely feels like this is a year where we "have to muddle through somehow."

The most disappointing thing was not seeing Kyle's family and friends.  The second most disappointing thing was not going to Rosa's, the best Mexican place on the planet.  To make up for that part at least, Kyle said we could go to Costa Vida as often as possible. So far we've been on Thursday and Friday, and we plan on going for dinner on Monday as well.  That makes it seem like a special vacation to me! I know it's ridiculous, but it has been super fun and decadent.

I had my presents for Kyle delivered to Jennifer's house in Amarillo so Kyle basically had nothing to open at our place. And Ruby only had one present from us, because we were certain she would get plenty from our families.  Soooo of course we had to go shopping for more presents so we got the full Christmas morning experience! On Friday night we shopped at the mall and the Riverwoods and bought ourselves presents.  We took them to Kelsie, who wrapped them beautifully at her gift-wrapping station at the Riverwoods.  That definitely made me feel Christmasy :)

Today we went to Aunt Diana's house for a family Christmas party.  This DEFINITELY made me feel more homey.  It felt familiar and fun to be with my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  Ruby had a blast with all her cousins.  We set off fireworks, sang songs, and ate a ton. I died and went to heaven when I ate a bacon-wrapped date--oh my gosh, it was amazing.  I am so glad we had somewhere to go, and got to spend time with family and not feel all alone. After Ruby went to bed, Kyle and I watched How the Ghosts Stole Christmas because I HAVE to watch it every year.

I am happy that tomorrow we get to go to our own ward for the Christmas service.  The two families in our ward that we are closest to are here for Christmas as well, so we're going to all sit together and feel like family.  Church is at NINE--I know, right?--so after church we'll open presents and laze around and eat pot roast and enjoy ourselves.  Just our little family.  I think it will be quiet and nice.  I'm hoping that without all the normal Christmas stuff that we're used to, we'll be able to focus on togetherness and the Savior and establish some of our own traditions. (We already have--Christmas Costa Vida and a Christmas car wash.) So it has been and will continue to be a fabulous Christmas, albeit different from what we expected.


Kaity said...

awww we were wondering if that storm would interrupt your plans! we are so sorry. we miss you guys so much. we have to have you over to celebrate alan's birthday this weekend. ima make some pie.

Katy said...

oh em THAT is what was missing from my Christmas this year!! NEITHER MULDER NOR SCULLY NOR LILY TOMLIN WERE THERE. Becca. This ... this is just the worst.