Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Pictures

Once upon a time, last February, I won a giveaway!  For the first and probably last time. It was very exciting.  I won a free mini-session and disc with Namba Photography, a friend of my cousin Lisa's and the photographer she always uses--so I knew she was awesome!  Well, I finally redeemed this mini-session right after my birthday in October.  We went up to Bountiful and took pictures in a pretty park.  Ruby was cranky and whiny the whole time, but Kassandra was able to get some cute pictures of her.  I don't have the disc yet--it's coming this week, so I'll blog them later--but Kassandra put some on her photography blog .

I really like this one:

And these:

And of course the cute Ruby pictures:

I am NOT giving you the link because she also put up a truly hideous picture of me--which is entirely the subject's fault, not the photographer's.  You know how you kind of know what your body looks like and you can be content with it, but then someone shows you what you ACTUALLY look like and it's a shock to you?  Yeah.  I now know the true meaning of pear-shaped. 

Hopefully there will be more cute ones to put up when I get the disc!

B-t-dubs, I loved Kassandra.  She is super nice and easy to take pictures with--normally we are SUPER awkward about it.  Plus, I love her mini-session idea.  Take pictures for 15 minutes (instead of the epic 2 hour photo shoots), which is all Ruby is good for anyways, and it's just $75 instead of $8 million-including a disc of like 15 pictures.  I recommend her!


Celia said...

Becca. These are AMAZING! I love Ruby's pink tights. They are so cute. You all look wonderful and the lighting/setting are perfect!

Christy said...

I LOVE THESE! Can't believe you didn't call me immediately. Your outfit is so cute and it may be weird for me to say but Kyle looks so cute! What adorable pictures.