Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Long time no blog!  Ok it's only been a week, but that feels like ages when you're super busy.

I finally got a calling. I am on the Relief Society Activities Committee.  So now I'm wishing I'd gone to a single Enrichment activity (ok I know that's not what it's called anymore) so I knew what I was in charge of.  The committee is more like a partnership, because there's only 2 of us.  We'll see how that goes.

Yesterday Barbara wanted some alone time with Ruby, which we definitely took her up on.  We left her with Ruby for about, oh, 11 hours!  Kyle and Katy and I spent most of the day with Alan and Nieman, which included 2 meals out, braving the crowds at Fashion Place, and 2 Star Trek episodes that have haunted us since childhood.  It was fun to do everything without a kid--everything is so much easier!  But we did miss her by the time we got back.

So last Saturday Kyle and I left Ruby with the Broadbents, drove 6 hours to Colorado, picked up Katy in Telluride, ate lunch, and drove 6 hours back.  It was surprisingly not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Here we are at a pizza place in Telluride.  It was taken right before I got hot sauce in my eye.  IT WAS HORRIBLE.

This was the most relaxing Thanksgiving ever.  We decided to forego many of the things we usually do--making a full turkey, making a ton of side dishes, using our fancy dishes, etc.  It was just Kyle/Katy/me, so we just made a turkey breast and simplified the menu down to the basics. It was so much better!  We spent a lot more time enjoying ourselves, and a lot less time doing dishes.  When we have more people we'll go back to being fancy.  As per usual, we watched Poltergeist so it still felt like Thanksgiving.  We also watched a ton of Voyager, which was most fun.

It's been fun having Barbara and Ken in town this week.  Ruby loves them!  Christmas is going to be so fun this year.  Ruby decided that Ken is her favorite toy, and made him hang out in her room while the rest of us were talking on the couch.  She would literally stand in the doorway and push him back inside anytime he tried to join us. We also go out to eat with them everyday--and Ruby ate her first onion ring.  She loved it.

The big ward Christmas party is on Friday.  Wish me some serious freaking luck.  A couple days ago the number of people to plan for doubled, which really complicated matters.


Christy said...

Love the Ruby pics! She is looking so big:) I especially loved the one of Ruby and her Grandma Barbara-so cute.

Katy said...

Thanks for the multitude of pics! Love them! Good luck this weekend! This is mom, btw. Katy signed in and I can't even find how to log her out!

Anonymous said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing..