Monday, December 5, 2011

Riverwoods at Christmastime

Tonight Emily and I took our kids out to stroll through the Riverwoods to see the lights, get a glimpse of Santa, and play in the toy store.  Bonus: seeing Kelsie, who just started working at the gift wrap station!  We had such a great time.  Ruby had the time of her freaking life in Blickenstaff's, the awesomely fun toy store.  I had to drag her away.

I hope you noticed her adorable boots and coat.

We visited Kelsie in the gift wrapping room, and made the little kid craft (a paper bag Rudolph), and wrote a postcard to Santa.

We totally randomly ran into Ashley and her friend Emily, and we all saw some llamas.

Ruby did NOT like petting the llamas, she kind of freaked out.  I loved it though! They were so fluffy!

The llamas were there for Carollama, a group of people who carol with llamas to collect cans of food and donate them to local charities.  I was actually part of the very first Carollama my freshman year at BYU, when it was just a small group of us.  We split up in groups of 3 or 4 and each group took a llama and went to a different neighborhood.  It was awesome!  If you want to do it, sign up on their Facebook page.  It would be awesome to do with an FHE group if you're at BYU or stuff like that.

I can't believe it's still going, and is a MUCH bigger deal.  There was a KBYU news crew there, filming Ruby crying because a llama's face got too close to her.  The guy who started it, Ty, saw me and gave me a cool Carollama tshirt and asked me to talk to the camera crew and be interviewed about the very first Carollama.  By the time I got the guts to go do it, they were all done filming!  Phew.  I was NOT prepared to be filmed.  And I don't know what I could have possibly said, other than that I went to the first event because I was head over heels for Ty.  That would probably have been awkward, and is a subject for a different blog post.


Chelsea Edgren said...

First things I noticed were the bots and coat. Adorable!!

Karen said...

OK, that 1st pic of Ruby is SO CUTE! The hat is crazy adorable. I recognize the coat (thank you Gracie)--the whole ensemble is just beyond belief. It makes me crazy that you are so far away and I can't hug and kiss that baby on a regular basis.

Celia said...

So many things about this post make my heart happy. These include (but are not limited to): Ruby and that adorable shopping cart (is it Melissa and Doug?), you and your cute hair, Ashley looking cute, llamas, and Ty Clive randomness.

Back to Ruby, though. She is the cutest thing ever.

Jennifer Ricks said...

Heh, oh, Ty.

What I really want to comment on is how cute Ruby is with that shopping cart!!!!