Sunday, December 11, 2011


I LOVE surprising people. Especially when I know that it will be a HUMONGOUS DEAL.  So when Ashley and I had the idea to go Washington and visit Celia and the new twins, we got really excited for the opportunity to surprise her. We called Cheryl to make sure it was okay that we stay there, and drove there on Thursday.  I left Ruby at home because bringing another baby into the mix would defeat the purpose of us going there to be helpful.  (I underestimated how horrible it would be to say goodbye to her and miss her for 4 days. It was terrible! I'm never leaving her again.)

Well, Celia was certainly surprised.  When we walked in the door and came up behind her in the kitchen, she just looked at us with confusion and shock.  She then burst into tears and ran to get her inhaler.  It was a very satisfying surprise!

The babies are amazing.  Eliza is adorable.  Celia is awesome. Nathan is...another A adjective...athletic and assertive.  It was really fun to get to know Nathan's parents, Cheryl and Rex.  We drove for an hour to the Tri-cities to take Celia out on the town--shopping and the new Costa Vida! We played Guillotine, ate a lot of junk food, and watched the GOP debate (along with plenty of trashy tv). It was awesome!

Cheryl gave us a seminar on our seasons--I am spring, Celia is autumn, and Ashley is winter.  Here we all are in our colors.

We held Ezra and Elliot and played with Eliza, who talks and plays and is a little Princess.  I love them all to pieces.
Ezra is in the red reindeer jammies, Elliot is in the green stripey jammies.

The babies are SO TINY.  Little Ezra isn't even 5 pounds!  They are also the sweetest, quietest babies I've ever seen.  They didn't make a peep the whole time I was there!  They sleep all day and eat really quickly.  They are so easy to love.  And SO IDENTICAL.  I had to memorize who was wearing what and had which blankie, because there is no other way to tell them apart!  Nathan and Celia says that Ezra's face is smaller, but it is really hard to tell.

Eliza has grown up so much in the last 5 months.  We played lots of games and I gave her her first manicure.  She is very affectionate and made me feel like she really loved me.  I got to do her hair and gave her a pink princess nightgown that she danced around in. I miss her already!

Seeing Celia was the best.  I love her so much and have been missing her and Nathan since they moved in July.  I hate that they live so far away!  Othello is a funny little town; Walmart really is the only place to go in the entire city.  It was worth the drive to get to hang out with Celia and her family for a few days.  It's funny, it didn't even seem weird to be with them again.  We hung out and did the same things like we'd never been apart.  And THAT'S how I know that we are true best friends!  I hope that it is like that forever.  I can totally imagine us getting together in 20 years, eating Muddy Buddies and watching Food Network. Sounds like heaven!


Christy said...

I'm so glad you went! I bet you were so helpful-I'm sure she needs all the support she can get. That pic of yuo guys in your colors is so cute-love that scarf on you:)

Jennifer Ricks said...

Wow! You and Ashley have got to be the best friends in the history of the planet! And those colors look way good on you!