Wednesday, February 29, 2012

trying to stay positive

For dinner I had chocolate milk and a plain bagel with plain cream cheese.  If asked what my all-time favorite meal is, that would be my answer. And it was delicious.

I finished Game of Thrones and loved it.  Not recommended for everyone as there are some "content issues"--but I read Sharon Kay Penman novels at a relatively young age so I can handle it. Sad thing: the 2nd in the series is "on order" at my library, and I'm the 7th in the queue. It'll be a while before I can get my hands on it.  I also just finished Divergent and quite enjoyed it.  I'm currently in the middle of Marisa de los Santos' 3rd novel.  So far it's just like her other 2 books--which means it's gorgeously written and I love it.

I've discovered that shaving my legs helps me feel better in any situation. (Except a situation in which I had both legs amputated, I guess.)  But really, it's remarkable how much my mood improves after shaving my legs.  Does anyone else feel this way?

This has been a crappy week.  The weather is keeping me from hanging out with Christy, which means I stay at home all day.  Ruby has been sick too, so we're both crabby and restless.

The day I miscarried, one of my wisdom teeth started hurting. (Come on, universe. Seriously?)  It's gotten worse and worse.  I now have an appointment on Friday to have my 2 wisdom teeth taken out.  I'm excited to not have to worry about my teeth anymore, and dreading the pain and anxiety that come with oral surgery.  (I wish I had just gotten them all out when I had one taken out last year.  Past Becca was pretty cowardly with that decision.)  So on Friday I will go take a blood test at my OB office in Provo (I have to go in weekly until my hcg levels are at a 5) and then go almost directly to the dentist.  And my weekend is entirely shot.

I was feeling very sorry for myself today, until about half an hour ago.  Two shaved legs and one eaten bagel later, I feel like a new person.  I am going to try to keep this feeling with me, because feeling depressed sucks.  Good food and good books definitely help.  I have to enjoy the good food while I can--come Friday, I won't be eating normally for a week.


Katy said...

Freshly shaved legs are LITERALLY the best things in the world, you KNOW bagel and cream cheese and chocolate milk is heavenly manna and nectar, and I'm pretty sure that Marisa de los Santos is Prozac in lyrical form. So what I am saying is, I agree with all the stuff you said, it seems like you have your shiz thoroughly together, and I salute you. HOWEVER, I have noticed a startling LACK of Felicity updates, and fear that you have forgotten the watching Felicity is your love language. Has Ben decided to man up and be a father to his fetus? Did Keri Russell quit art and decide to be a real estate agent? Has Scott Foley ditched the tramp yet? INTERESTED MINDS WANT TO KNOW but aren't going to bother watching it for themselves.

Katy said...

Do I get bonus commenting points for how long that comment was? I, I think I do. Also Mom was super passive aggressive at me that I was signed in on the computer so that she COULD NOT comment, so um, pretend that this is from Mom. Probably she would say something like, MY BABY! Or something. Or maybe that's just what she says at airports?

Celia said...

My gift better get there STAT. I wish I could do something more!

You are the best. I love and miss you.

Kaity said...

just so you know, the 2nd book in that series is checked out of EVERY LIBRARY IN THE SALT LAKE COUNTY.
I'm SO sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. If you need any help with the rube while you are recovering, let us know.

BecomingtheBeestons said...

So it's 3:45 am and I'm up... Landon has been going crazy all night, and now so am I, so I decided to read your blog because I knew you had it worse than me with wisdom teeth pain! Yuck! Sorry again to not help with ruby this morning... I hope the dentist appointment went well!
I googled things you can eat after you get your wisdom teeth out, and found that mashed potatoes, pudding, maybe mac and cheese if you're careful, ice cream, and smoothies (ha, my specialty, creamy soups... are in the clear-I'm taking Garrett to work, then I'll have the car and I'm going to Walmart! What would you like my dear to ease the pain? I'm also making St. Patty's treats which you'll get, but you won't be able to enjoy quite yet so I thought I'd start with something you Could have! :) Let me know! I sure love you and that Ruby!!! (Kyle is a pretty great guy too!) Hope you're medicated!