Sunday, February 26, 2012

one week later

Poor Kyle. No Birthday Week for him this year.  It's kind of rough when our house is feeling so melancholy.  Mom and Katy left on Friday and I haven't left the house since.  Ok not really--I went to a doctor appt. that afternoon, and yesterday we went to lunch with Alan and Nieman.  And really, we're fine.  I probably make it sound worse than it actually is.  Hopefully, the blood test results will come back and they'll call me and tell me I don't have to come in again.  They keep checking my blood to see if my pregnancy hormone levels are down to zero.  It's just a pain to keep going back in. I want the whole thing to be over.

Kyle's 28th birthday is tomorrow.  Kelsie offered to babysit Ruby, so we're going to do dinner and a movie using gift certificates Kyle got for his birthday.

Things that are making me happy:

  • The results of retail therapy, courtesy of my mom--jeans and a couple shirts, lots and lots of food from Costco, Ruby's new Ikea chair that I'm going to cover, and her new Magnadoodle that we all love to play with.
  • Thoughtful gifts from friends and family that let me know they're thinking of me, like a box of Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes from Nancy and awesome nail polish from Ashley (which I'm wearing right now).
  • The huge stack of library books next to my bed.  Yesterday I read 500 pages of Game of Thrones  (finally, I've been wanting to read it forever!) and it's great to take my mind off things.
  • Cadbury Mini-Eggs.
  • Ruby's tricks. She is getting funnier every day and really brightens things up around here.
  • The Thanksgiving Point pass my mom got for me and Christy. You know where we'll be every Tuesday and Thursday for the next year.
  • Kyle.  Sometimes when he's asleep he looks like a movie star. A movie star who is helpful and sweet and extremely thoughtful.
  • I'll miss Downton Abbey, but at least The Walking Dead is on tonight.

Right now I hear Ruby giggling wildly while Kyle gives her a bath. Things like that make me smile.


Jennifer Ricks said...

i love you.

Celia said...

My thoughts exactly, Jenn! I love you.