Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 3 Best Things

If asked, I would say that things are...good.  Not AMAZING, but definitely just fine.  The best things about life currently: Ruby being sooo funny and cute, Kyle being the most helpful and thoughtful man in the world, and Felicity.

RUBY.  She is insane.  She zips around the house, talking and playing with everything she can get her hands on.   Ruby talks CONSTANTLY.  She is a little babbler and I know it has meaning.  Sometimes she will look at me and say the same thing over and over again, waiting for me to get it. She is obsessed with her guys--Bunny and Tigger of course, and now also Abby and Nemo and Dumbo and a couple babies she has.  She feeds them, gives them juice, holds them and kisses them, pushes them in the stroller, and she's even starting to pretend to change their nonexistent diapers.  

Her favorite game is "Where's Bunny and Tigger?" which she plays with her dad.  She is really good at finding them after Kyle hides them and has started to hide them herself. Kyle and I just sit on the couch cracking up when she does this, it is so cute and funny.  

Ruby wants to dress herself.  She tries to put on her socks and pants by herself until I eventually help her because she is not even close at being able to do it.  It's so cute!  She tries putting on my shoes and I just about die. She does the signs for "more" and "all done" and she can say hi, bye, more, mama, dada, and no.  Caitlin is also pretty sure she said basketball yesterday at Timmy's birthday party, but I didn't hear it :)  Ruby looooves brushing her teeth with dad.  When we tell her it's time to say prayers, she comes and kneels down at the ottoman and usually folds her arm for a couple seconds.  Next we'll work on not giggling through the prayer and poking my face while I try to pray.

Ruby loves to count.  Not with numbers, of course.  She counts using made up numbers but the exact right inflection, it is so cute.  She does a big loud "DEEE!" that mimics how I sound when we get to "TEN!" It is adorable.  I now wake up every morning because it is so loud when she jumps in her crib, her new favorite activity.  Luckily, it keeps her extremely happy and entertained so I can sleep in.  When I do get her up in the morning, she points to her diaper to let me know she needs it changed. She loooooves Sesame Street, particularly Elmo.  She freaks out with joy when I put on the Elmo cd when we're driving.  We watch an episode while eating breakfast, and it makes her eat soooo slowly.  She loves it.  

Ruby is amazing and every night Kyle and I tell Heavenly Father how grateful we are for her.  

KYLE.  Guys, how did I get a man like Kyle?  He does everything for me.  By the time he gets home from work, I am completely wiped out and feeling sick and exhausted.  As soon as he gets home (from his own long and trying day at work), I get on the couch and he proceeds to do EVERYTHING.  He feeds and takes care of Ruby, he feeds and takes care of me.  He does the laundry and the dishes and cleans the rest of the house.  AND he manages to do it all with a smile on his face, to keep me from feeling too extremely guilty that he is doing everything by himself while I just lay on the couch.  He says that my biggest job is just to survive and grow this baby.  He really understands how miserable pregnancy can be, and he tries to make me feel better any way he can.  The other night I was feeling desperate for chocolate so he went to his nightstand and got out a Milky Way he had been secretly saving for just such an occasion.  COME ON THAT IS AWESOME.  He is amazing.

FELICITY.  Is it weird that a 90s show would be such a lifesaver these days?  Ok, so at this point in my pregnancy I am SO TIRED.  There are days when I have to let Kyle know that he is married to Zombie Becca at the moment.  All I want in the world is to TAKE A NAP. Buuuut I am also having trouble going to sleep at night--like, getting in bed at 9:30 and not falling asleep until 3.  SO I am trying really hard to not nap during the day, because that really kills nighttime sleep for me.  The hardest part of the day is during Ruby's nap.  I have like a 2 hour stretch of time when I don't have the energy to do anything but sit on the couch, but I CANNOT let myself go to sleep.  So. Enter Felicity.  It is the only thing that is capable of keeping me awake during those times.  Mostly because of how AWESOME AND DRAMATIC AND COMPELLING it is.  I remember when it was on when I was a kid, not nearly old enough to understand or even watch it.  Even without watching it, I knew that I LOVED Ben and didn't understand the appeal of Noel.  OH HOW I'VE GROWN.  Noel is now my faaaave and Ben is just cute.  When anything happens between Noel and Felicity, my heart literally jumps in my chest. That's how much I love them together. Thanks heavens for Netflix, which has all 4 seasons on Instant Play.


Chelsea Edgren said...

Kyle is SO amazing; you are one lucky girl! My sister just started watching Felicity on Netflix..maybe I should jump on that train?

Whitney said...

oh my gosh I am TOTALLY on your same page! I am the same way- when it comes to dinner I just have this over all- "meh" attitude with food and feel so under-motivated all the time, and code is so selfless and willing to help out all the time. We're so lucky!

Coach Vaughn said...

Oh no! You know where my secret Milky Way stash is! I'll have to relocate it immediately.

Karen said...

Kyle is the MAN!

Celia said...

I love Kyle so much! And I love Ruby, too :) And I need to watch Felicity again so I can come to your new realizations.

Jaclyn said...

Love this top three - I'm a Grey's watcher and I've loved this past season because Noel has been on it. The real question is whether you're a Ben or a Noel. :)