Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As the season is finally changing to spring (hallelujah! I got my first sunburn today!) I've made a couple purchases that feel downright decadent.

I bought this swimsuit from Limericki, for more than I've ever spent on a swimsuit. I think it's so pretty, and you better believe I need me some good ruching.

I also bought some makeup from e.l.f., recommended to me by my cosmetologist friend Kerry.  It was supposed to come today but now it's coming tomorrow, I've been agonizing about it.  Poor me.  I got shadow primer, eyeliner, and mascara, for heck of cheap.  Oh AND a palette of 100 eyeshadow colors. I can't wait to play!  I'm slowly starting to figure out makeup in my old age.

I went with Christy to the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake.  It was so pretty!  And the stores are sooo fancy.  I didn't feel worthy to enter most of them.  But we did go to Nordstrom and get Christy these good-looking Toms.  They are SO HOT.  It kills me to not buy some for myself.  But I can't. I vowed to wear my bottle green Toms into the ground, and I do love them.

Now I need to go on some sort of spending hiatus. Spring is when I want to go all out, wardrobe-wise, so it's going to be hard.


Chelsea Edgren said...

LOVE the suit!! And I can TOTALLY picture you in it and looking hott!

Christy said...

Thank heavens you peer pressured me into those shoes. I love the color more every day. Was this post supposed to get you to stop spending? It's made me want to go shopping!

Karen said...

Super cute!