Monday, October 1, 2012


October is the only month I ever blog about as being the best month of the year.  I always have to recognize it!  I am SO HAPPY it's finally October--we have so much to look forward to!

Ruby and I are driving to California with Christy and a baby of her choosing. We're celebrating Grandma Joyce's birthday with a huge party. Preparing for it has been fun and the actual event is going to be awesome!  I'll stick around a couple days to be with my family.  Dad even has Monday off of work--praise Columbus forever!  We plan on watching scary movies.  Ruby and I will then drive home with Katy, who needs to be in Salt Lake this weekend for a conference.  I anticipate a fun drive, both ways.

Next weekend--on the best day of the year, 10/13--is a big Halloween murder mystery party my friend Jordan is throwing.  I helped him with planning (and awesome invitations) and I am VERY EXCITED.

The next day is my BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm turning 27 (I'm pretty sure--I keep forgetting).  I usually hate when my birthday falls on a Sunday, but this year it's okay because it's the PREMIERE of THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!  ON MY BIRTHDAY.  The universe must love me.   I'm very excited.  And Katy will even be here to watch it with me!

We decorated for Halloween last week.  Normally I wait for October 1st but I was too impatient this year.  We also got our annual candle--Mulled Cider. I LOVE IT.  I am perfectly happy for the weather to turn cooler.  (Although I still dread the snow. I love fall, but winter not so much.)  I revamped last year's wreath--people told me they couldn't even see the bugs on it, so I painted it and re-glued them on.

Other things to look forward to:

  • AMC's Fearfest 2012
  • Baking
  • Ruby in a Halloween costume
  • Ruby trick-or-treating for the first time
  • CB's millionth annual Halloween party
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Haunted house/forest maybe?
  • Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point
  • Apple cider doughnuts from the Red Barn
  • Presidential Debates
  • VICE-presidential debates (certain to be hilarious)

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Celia said...

I always enjoy Octobers with you :) I love the wreath, and we will have to rewatch some horror movies in November!