Thursday, March 14, 2013

some things

I have a recommendation:

If you have a toddler who wakes you up early in the morning, ready to play, you need this clock or one like it:

It has been a LIFESAVER.  Ruby was waking me up between 5 and 6 every morning and wouldn't go back to sleep.  I can't go to sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning, so I was really miserable.  I got this clock and it worked the VERY FIRST NIGHT, which I wasn't expecting--I thought she'd have to get trained on it.  It glows green when it's okay for her to leave her room, which is right now at 7--I'm tempted to make it 7:30.  Not only does she follow the rule, she LOVES it.  She always asks about her clock and carries it around with her.  When she comes in my room in the morning, she carries her clock in and is SO EXCITED to show me it's green.  It has a naptime function too that is awesome.  It's been a miracle worker for me.

Another recommendation:

THIS IS AMAZING LIP BALM.  I thought it was totally weird because of its shape--until I tried it. And I love it.  I spit upon all other chapsticks from now on.  I need to get several more, because I know Ruby will eventually ruin this one and I don't want to freak out at her.  So far I've managed to keep it sacred and away from her.  This Utah winter has left my lips drier than ever before but it's not a problem now that I've found this little treasure.  LOVE IT.

Baby update:
I feel her kick now, it's really hard to think of names, and I'm officially too big for my normal jeans.

Ruby update:
Sweeter and sassier than ever.  She is such a Big Kid now.  Her favorite thing to do is clean her room to get quarters.  She gets 2 quarters every day she cleans her room with Dad.  It's totally their thing.  One quarter goes in her piggy bank to save, and the other quarter goes into a coin purse to spend.  She usually spends her money on the Big Bird ride at Walmart, but she's starting to want to buy toys with it.  Kyle has been SO excited to teach her about money and savings.  He was the kind of kid who totally loved money--he ironed his dollar bills in elementary school, and loaned money to his big sisters at exorbitant interest rates.  He is determined that Ruby will have sound financial sense.  It's pretty cute when she counts out her quarters and gets excited about spending it.  She's saved up quite a bit in her piggy bank too--the beginnings of a college fund.  We'll start teaching her about tithing when we use coin denominations that make it easier, and when she can actually understand what it's for.

Me update:
I need a new show to watch on Netflix.


Emily said...

I need that clock! Jimmer has been doing the same thing! I thought having a newborn is hard but it is nothing compared to a 5:30 wake up call from a toddler. Now if I only knew if he'd understand it or not...

Kyle said...

So YOU'RE the one who has been spitting on my chapstick! I guess I can take Ruby out of time out now.

Christy said...

I didn't know about Ruby's money making etc-what a fun idea! Love it when you blog:)

Katy said...

Where do I get the fancy chapstick? I don't think Dad will go for it though.....(mom)

Whitney said...

I love that chapstick-a friend turned me onto it a month or so ago and I love it cause I can always find it in my purse because of it's weird shape. Also, I recommend the west wing if you haven't seen it-tons of seasons and all on netflix. I'm currently in the middle of it and loving it! Can't wait to see you guys!