Monday, March 18, 2013



At this point in my pregnancy with Ruby, I had already agonized for months.  I am taking it a little easier this time around--I think I'm driving everyone less crazy with the constant stream of indecisive conversation.  I feel like we haven't thought about it enough to come up with every single possibility out there yet, but for now we are thinking about a couple.

Subject to change:

1. Penelope Rose.
2. Charlotte Rose.

Nieman has a niece named Penelope, but she's given us permission on behalf of her brother and sister-in-law to use it.  It's Kyle's favorite so far.  I really love it, but for some reason the name Charlotte keeps coming back in my mind.  A little girl called Lottie or Charlie would be adorable. Kyle is unsure about that.  Rose is a family name on my side and I love it.  Katy apparently called it a long time ago, but she's okay with me using it as a middle name.  I would never use it as a first name because, come on--Ruby and Rose?  Shades of red? Gimmicky.

Okay here's a confession--I also love the name Dahlia.  I think it's adorable and old-timey.  But I also understand that it's weird, and everyone I've mentioned it to lets me know that it's too weird--including Kyle.  So that's probably off the table.  But I can't help still kind of wanting it!

Kyle and I are going to make a list of names to seriously consider.  We're going to try to keep thinking of new names and hopefully we'll feel inspired.  I agonized for so long about Ruby's name--even though I had picked it out months before I was even pregnant.  This time I don't have a name ready so it's harder. Ahhhh.


Chelsea Edgren said...

I LOVE the name Dahlia!!! But it kind of reminds me of the Black Dahlia from L.A. which is totally creepy and cool. Don't know the story? For sure look it up!! Penelope=total love fest for me and I absolutely adore the nickname Lottie. Little Lottie said are you fonder of...I digress, but seriously. You have fabulous choices! If I ever have another baby (which I won't) you have to name it! I also like the name Coraline and shortening it to Cora but no one else I know likes it. Why are people such haters? It seems like people always have an opinion so pick what YOU love and sucks to their Ass-mar (Asthma [Lord of the Flies]).

Jennifer Ricks said...

I have a niece named Penelope too! At first I thought they should just name her Penny, because that's what we'd call her anyway, but the full name has grown on me, and now I love it. They use "Penelope" all the time, as well as "Penny."

I was thinking about the name Charlotte the other day when I was watching the "Bleak House" mini-series.* They call her Charly, which I know has Jack Weyland connotations, but she's the sweetest little girl ever in Bleak House! I love Lottie too. Of course Rose is gorgeous.

I have a friend named Dahlia who's our age. She has to teach everyone how to say it (Duh-lee-uh), but when I found out it was a flower I thought it was pretty.

Oh! Picking out names is so awesome, even if it is hard, because it means you get to spend hours and days and months dreaming of your baby girl!!! So exciting!!

*Digression: Have you ever read the book??? Please say yes, or do it ASAP. The movie was amazing, but the book is like times ten. The first few chapters are hard, but it gets better and worth it when Esther's story starts.

Katy said...

Just as long as you keep your grasping fingers away from Rose, Switchblade, and Tomahawk, you've got nothing to worry about.

Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

Naming girls is cake for us! Sadly, we have yet to actually have to name a girl. BUT WHEN WE DO we are totally ready (Emrie Lynn. Middle name subject to change to Nicole or Grace should I feel like it).

I kind of like Dahlia! It's different but not super out there.

I know several Penelopes and Charlottes. Both are darling names! I kind of prefer Charlotte...mostly because of Charlotte's Web.

Karen said...

Charlotte is my fave, hands down. Haven't had one in Kindergarten yet, so it's not like there are a lot of them walking around out there. Love the nicknames. I like Penny--but it's too Big Bang for me to adore. Unless, of course you name her that, in which case I will love it beyond belief.

Lauren said...

I know a Charlie and a Lottie. Super cute. Best baby name websites: Nymbler, Appellation Mountain, Nameberry, and You Can't Call It It. Good luck!