Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 months & Jane's Blessing

Jane is 2 months old! She is enormous and a great sleeper and amazingly cute. Today we went to her 2 month appointment and found out she is nearly 12 pounds! She's also in the 91st percentile for height/length. Giant baby.

Some phone pictures from this past month:

She was blessed in our church this past Sunday, the day after Ruby's birthday.  To get ready, Ruby helped give her a bath.

Kyle gave her a beautiful blessing and she is now on the Church records as Jane Katharine. Both of her grandpas were able to be there in the circle, along with our 3 best guys in the ward, Grandpa Dee, and 3 of my uncles. It was a large circle! It made me cry to see her surrounded by loving Priesthood holders who care about her.  She is a lucky baby. 

She was blessed in the same blessing dress from Spain that I wore, my sisters wore, Lucy wore, and Ruby wore. I love it.  
Mom, your nails look great.

First family picture with the 4 of us.

I managed to get a quick pic with my folks after church, but Kyle and his parents were already home at that point and after that we were too tired for pictures!

(Dude. My hair is long.)


Kyle said...

Awesome pictures! Thank you for blogging. Your blog is my number one resources for all things Vaughn.

Kyle said...
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Whitney Nolden said...

awww so awesome-and your hair is getting long! I love it :)

Christy said...

Love the pics! So glad you caught those two group pics-they were so cute! I love your shirt in those too. I can't believe how big Jane looks-2 months old already!

Katy said...

Such a cute top, Bec! I need more Jane pics in my life, this only served to whet my appetite.

Celia said...

You look SO beautiful in those blessing pictures (and so does your mom!). I love Jane!

Celia said...

And I love your hair. Never cut it. NEVER.

Jaclyn said...

So exciting-- cannot believe how grown-up Miss Ruby looks.