Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ruby's 3rd Birthday

Ruby had such a fun birthday! She still talks about it all the time. As I was looking through the pictures she took, she went on and on about how it was the best birthday in the world.  We really tried to make her feel special--so her reaction makes me happy.

After taking some quick pictures by our house, we had a fun birthday breakfast. Kyle makes incredible pancakes.

We took Ruby's two best friends to Build-a-Bear.  We had built it up a lot for the kids for the last couple weeks and it did NOT disappoint!  Ruby chose a pink Hello Kitty to make, and she's still obsessed with it.  The outfit she chose for her was a Tinkerbell outfit--adorbs--so her name is Tinkerbell Kitty. Very creative.


Ruby had two sets of grandparents and one set of great-grandparents for cake and presents. She requested a pink cake with flowers on it, so my mom made fluffy frosting--my FAVORITE.

I included this pic so you could see our new pendant lights, Christy

Ruby got awesome presents! Her excitement was really cute.

Loving her Rapunzel doll.

She wants to be Tinkerbell for Halloween so that's what Kyle and I got her

Realizing she can match Tinkerbell Kitty!!!

Saying thank you.  I LOVE them together.  Hope they get married.

What a great day it was.  Ruby is so lucky that both sets of grandparents traveled to Utah and could be here on her birthday.  I'm glad I actually documented it--and have blogged it already!  Now I need to get caught up on other cute Jane and Ruby posts.  Someday.


Christy said...

So much to comment about! 1st: thanks for pic of lights-soo so cute! 2: That pic of Ruby and Landon is SO SWEET. Hope we blow it up big for the wedding. 3: pic of Dad holding Jane is the most awkward baby-holding pic I've ever seen. 4" I DIE over the opening pics of Ruby with her crown outside. Freaking adorable. You better post about blessing now:)

Celia said...

Ruby is so beautiful! Those pictures turned out so great. I'm glad we were able to have such a fun day with y'all!

CarolynFanelli said...

These pics are so great. I can't believe Ruby is 3!